It's a 2D physics-based ball game built with an emphasis for high-speed, competitive matches. Speed, bounce angle, bounce strength, and more can change in an instant based on how and when the ball interacts with what and where.

A fully functional 1-2 Player FreePlay mode is available for you all to try out and enjoy for yourselves.

Feedback is always nice, as it tells me what you, the player, would like to see in the future. Tell your friends, by all means, play with them and encourage their feedback.

Verified with friends that it functions fine via Parsec if you want to set up a multiplayer game.

--Player1--  (Keyboard)
Arrows:  Movement
Shift:  Sprint
A:  Jump
S:  Shoot
D:  Launch
F:  Spin

--Player2--  (Assuming Xbox)
D-Pad/L-Stick:  Movement
Right Trigger:  Sprint
A:  Jump
X:  Shoot
Y:  Launch
B:  Spin

1:  Lock to Player1
2:  Lock to Player2
3:  Lock to Ball (default)
4:  Lock to Player1 and Ball
5:  Lock to Player2 and Ball
6:  Lock to Player1 and Player2

0 (zero) or Backspace:  Full-screen
J:  Toggle Player1 visibility (for that single player feel)
L:  Toggle Player2 visibility (again, if you just want to feel like you're playing alone)
U:  Toggle Player1's indicator
O:  Toggle Player2's indicator
M:  Toggle Music
K:  It's a secret to everyone

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